Our process

The BMA plan was created with a clear, though not simple, objective – to produce only the highest quality wines, respecting the unique environment that we find ourselves in, our Matasnos forest and vineyards. We select only the best grapes and we do everything necessary for our plants to give the best of themselves.

We are not looking for vast production, only quality, which is why we cut more than 50% of the clusters that our 60-year-old vineyard produces so that those left can achieve optimum levels of fructose and polyphenols while ripening. The maximum permitted production level for our Denomination of Origin is 7,000kg per hectare, but we never produce more than 3,500kg per hectare. Less quantity, more quality.

Our team works together to ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. Tasks from the most basic to the most complicated are carried out by professionals deeply knowledgeable in their individual areas of expertise. This dedication, coupled with the ideal soil of the Ribera del Duero and topped with the unique climate of 950 metres above sea level, with its warm days and cold nights, brings out the best of the grapes.

The harvest begins when, and only when, the grapes have reached their optimum maturity. To avoid any damage to the clusters the entire crop is gathered in 10 kg crates for transport to the winery, where it spends the night in a fast-cooling chamber to reach 6ºC and thus preserve its characteristics to the utmost.

The following day each bunch passes through table selection and once again only the healthiest bunches are chosen; the rest are discarded. Then all loose grapes pass through a second selection before being transported up to the tank on a belt, without pumps. With this final selection only the fruit we want gets into the tank.

We do not use pumps to move the grapes to the tank, they are transported on a belt to avoid pip damage and the transference of green or unwanted flavours to the future wine.

Our entire process is lengthy in comparison with other wineries. Our production entails non-stop grape harvesting, while fermentation has been extended by up to a month longer than the classic. The chief reason is obsessive temperature control so that the product retains its typical full, ripe fruit character throughout its development.

Each harvest is aged only in new barrels. We never use barrels that are not completely new and we provide the wine with only the best premium-quality oak, selected exclusively for us.

This is what we do, work tirelessly with and for quality.